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 If you don't find what you are looking for, contact me 
and I will be happy to answer you.

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The non-religious ceremony

The non-religious rite is designed for all those who do not identify with a religion and seek an alternative to the Catholic rite, especially in a country like Italy. We celebrate according to your ethics, tastes and desires. 


Who are your customers?

People who want to enshrine a union, remember a loved one or celebrate a new birth with an inspiring and tailor-made ceremony.

What is your writing and celebration style?

Every celebrant has his own. I am an advertising copywriter and have a pop soul. That's why I like to write and create ceremonies that are always different, even unconventional, capable of enhancing the passions and peculiarities of my clients. I don't like ceremonies that are too cheesy: when real feelings are involved, there's no need to over do it. Whether you are looking for a solemn, minimal, sunny, formal, intimate, whispered ceremony: make a wish and I will take care of the rest.



Can you legally marry us or is it just a symbolic ceremony?

In Italy, in order to get legally married, it is necessary to go through long and tedious bureaucratic procedures: for this reason, the easiest way is to get legally married in your own country and then come here and have a symbolic ceremony. If, on the other hand, getting legally married in Italy is a must, it is best to rely on specialized wedding planners to do the papework. 


Ok! We'd love a symbolic wedding. What happens now?

First we will get to know each other. After a few questions and listening to your wishes, I will write a personalised ceremony for your event. The ceremony can include your love story, as well as inspiring reflections on marriage. There is room for readings, music, guest interventions. Of course, we can add emotional rituals such as the exchange of rings, the hand-fasting ritual and much more. In short, you will have realised by now, imagination is the only limit.. ​

We already have children. Can we involve them in our wedding?

The answer is absolutely yes! They can be an active part of the ceremony: together we will understand how to involve them in the most significant way. ​

We are going to get married in Italy but we live abroad. How can we meet?

Meet, Skype, telephone, slack, whatsapp, social media: long live internet!


How much does it cost?

Each ceremony is unique and so is its budget. As an indication, my rates start at €400 for a funeral and €700 for a wedding.

Where do you celebrate?

I celebrate in Rome and in the Lazio region. I move to other regions when the event allows for early scheduling or I can point you to awesome colleagues!


Can you celebrate in another language?

I'm a native Italian speaker and I'm fluent in English.
I can officiate in Italian and English.


What if I haven't found the answers to my questions?

Contact me!



But does the secular ceremony have legal value?

The lay rite is symbolic. In itself it has no legal constraints.

In Italy, in order to be married or civilly united (in addition to fulfilling the bureaucratic obligations of your Municipality) it is necessary to celebrate the rite at a Town Hall, in front of the Mayor or a person delegated as a Civil Status Officer._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The good news is that more and more locations, villas and restaurants can apply for recognition from the Casa Comunaleand today they can celebrate civil rites valid before the law. LThe only constraint is precisely the presence of the Mayor or a person delegated as a Civil Officer, who (hooray!) can be the celebrant himself.

In this way it is possible to combine the personalized secular celebration with the civil ceremony recognized by the Italian State. At the beginning or at the end of the symbolic ceremony, the integral formulas will be read and the signatures required by law will be affixed. 

Whatever your idea of togetherness, I can celebrate it.

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Because your civil wedding has nothing to envy to a church wedding. On the contrary.

Image by Danie Franco


 Is the institution of marriage not allowed for homosexual couples? So first civil union and then the ceremony of your dreams.

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Intimate but majestic ceremony. Even if there won't be guests, treat yourself
the beauty of a written ritual
tailored for you.

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