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Symbolic ceremonies are based on respect and love. 
Love is love and everyone is welcome.

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Italy: the most romantic place to get married. 

Planning to get married in Italy? The Catholic tradition here is very strong, and symbolic ceremonies are not yet widespread: relying on a professional celebrant allows you to have a ceremony that is well structured, and able to reflect your taste and style from start to finish.

Involve friends and family
Since the ceremony is completely tailor-made, friends, relatives and children can be actively involved in the ceremony. It will be possible to personalize readings, music and all you can think about. You can add rites that go beyond the simple exchange of rings, choosing original and emotional rituals.


Symbolic or legal wedding?

If you want to legally get married in Italy, you can, but take in account a lot of bureaucracy and time.  If you want to keep it simple, have a civil wedding at home and then choose a symbolic ceremony here: any style, anytime, anywhere.



There are many symbolic rituals that can be included in the ceremony. Personally, I think they should be chosen only if rich in meaning for the couple, and not just to follow a trend. As a celebrant, I will help you choose the most suitable one for you. Or maybe we'll invent one together.

Whatever your dream is, I can celebrate it.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Unique ceremony for unique couples.

Image by Danie Franco


Love is love.

Image by Foto Pettine


 Even if there won't be guests, treat yourself the beauty of a unique ceremony.

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