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Giallo e fiori viola


The fact that it is not traditional to celebrate a certain event,doesn't mean it's not possible. Graduation, achievement of a significant goal,

a major transfer,a divorce: if you think it's important to celebrate it with a ritual, let's do it!

Stopping a moment in time, with a ritual.

In life there can be events of great change.The move to a new country, a house in which everything is invested, a divorce from a very long relationship that has, over time, transformedata in friendship. 

Imagine that you want to say goodbye to your friends, relatives and colleagues before moving to another country. You can do this with a nice goodbye party. You can organize it yourself, of course. But by calling a celebrant, you will have a ceremony that will make the moment solemn and emotional. Together it will be easier to manage emotions and channel them into a unique memory.  And together we could think of a symbolic rite that collects memories and thoughts and greetings from your friends: in this case the celebrant becomes a figure connection, which helps you to moderate the event and make it more attended and special.

I celebrate




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